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How Poland Spring fumbled its Rubio moment...

Nestle spokespersons comment, "It was an impromptu moment,” says (spokesperson) Lazgin. “We were very glad that Poland Spring was there when Senator Rubio made his speech.”

Translation: Whatever. We don’t get social media.

Unscripted mishaps that occur live, during mainstream news events can be the trigger for a point-release avalanche-style marketing campaign.

Point-release avalanches start when a natural or man-made disturbance triggers a point source fracture at a localized spot, but then fans outward as it descends, picking up size and speed.

Sen. Rubio’s cottonmouth was the point source for what could have been the start of a much greater campaign, as awareness of the brand was suddenly thrust onto the national stage. 

But you have to be ready for it, and get it.


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