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Is environmentalism hurting sustainable travel? A fresh chicken or egg analogy

Sustainable travel industry’s tricky balancing act between eating the chicken or eating the eggs…

"To be fair, Whitefish is truly lovely this time of year."

Reflections on a case study example of a social media crisis and the implosion of controlled marketing messages, by MercuryCSC CEO Jeff Welch.

We must shift our approach towards transparency and an acceptance of imperfection. Coming from a legacy in which we still frame our perfectly crafted messages as art and bronze them in award shows, that’s not going to be easy.

STUDY: Climate Impacts on the Winter Tourism Economy

A just-released study conducted by the National Resource Defense Council and Protect our Winters forecasts potential economic impacts of climate change on the wintersports economy and the numbers aren’t good.

What I find interesting about this is that ski resorts still seem to be hot properties. Whistler has new owners, Powder Mountain has new owners, and Vail just bought two more resorts. In this climate, ‘ski resorts’ need to have a ‘mountain resort’ strategy to be sustainable.

Politically, this is a very real wake-up call for politicians who use economic impacts to argue against climate change treaties or regulations.  


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