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In 2013, some of YouTube’s most passed-around, talked-about videos came from brands. But they aren’t your typical ads. They are often longer, more compelling, more engaging. And people are choosing to watch them.

2013 Year-End YouTube Ads Leaderboard – Think Insights – Google

The North Face (and Camp 4 Collective) have produced a brand anthem that takes a powerful approach to telling a brand story: tethering and elevating the brand story to a larger human story.

The result is an inspirational story that resonates more powerfully to more people. The astronaut Buzz Aldrin personifies this base human aspiration writ large.

Juxtaposition eruption w/ Southern Comfort’s Whatever’s Comfortable spot (by southerncomfort)

Google Glass: GoPro with a brain. (“How It Feels [through Glass]” (by Google)

Here is a great example of the next generation press release.  

Instead of writing a release, or releasing a report, Prana promoted one element of their sustainable culture with a short, succinct video that does a great job telling the story behind their poly bag reduction initiative, and the results of the program.

Because they are able showcase the real people and challenges behind the initiative, the video is much more colorful, engaging and informative than a written release could ever be. The video also has legs far beyond Prana’s blog and is a tool that Prana’s dealers can use in their social initiatives to support the brand at retail. 

As noted in yesterday’s post, video will continue to make inroads in marketing campaigns, both for paid and owned/shared media. Press releases, with their sanitized and predictable banter are primed for an upgrade. (Seriously, when have you ever seen someone share or Like a press release.)

If you have real news, pass on the press release and use other tools to tell the story.


Key digital trends for 2012

The importance of magnetic content, video and privacy in 2012.
  • Device adoption trends signal new imperatives for marketers
  • The line between advertising and content continues to blur
  • Social networking remains in growth mode
  • Consumers’ mobile, social and shopping behaviors are converging at the last mile
  • Privacy remains on the front burner for consumers and marketers

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