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Google Glass: GoPro with a brain. (“How It Feels [through Glass]” (by Google)

RoCT (Oct. 24, 2011) - The Social Triumvirate

Continuing to document the importance of creative, proprietary content for social media strategies, including Facebook’s new content direction, Google’s new Panda alogrithm for search, and Twitter’s impact on brand marketing. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Media Clover - EdelmanFacebook Changes Emphasize the Personalization, Mobilization and Amplification of Content

“Facebook’s latest moves add up to three things: personalization, mobilization and amplification. For users, Facebook will allow users to further personalize how they want to share their lives to friends and connections. It also means doubling down on a better mobile experience. To brands and businesses, the revisions mean their interactions can be more effectively amplified IF they work really hard at high quality content and/or leverage paid options such as sponsored stories.

Following Brands on Twitter Increases Purchase Intent

So, just how powerful is the Twitter connection between consumers and businesses? The study found that 60% of brand followers are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after following the brand on Twitter, and 50% of brand followers are more likely to buy from that brand.

Google Panda Algorithm Update: Original Content More Important Than Ever

"So what does this mean for website owners? It’s time to really get serious and produce only original content. With Google Panda patrolling the web, website owners must focus on putting out content that is unique to its site yet relevant to its target audience. Website content should not only be informative and useful but it should contain information that is true and well researched, not well copied."

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RoCT (Oct. 17, 2011) - Facebook and Google, Triathlon not Golf

Lots of interesting conversations, last week. Thanks for the time, support and perspective. Great to see the entrepreneurial spirit burning bright.  A couple of posts in response to some of the conversations I had with my marketing friends with regards to content, marketing and social media. Ask me anything…

Expectations of U.S. Facebook Users ( of Facebook Users Expect Exclusive Content from Business Pages

The ExactTarget study found that 58% of US Facebook users expect to gain access to exclusive content, events or sales after “liking” a company, while 58% also expect to receive discounts or promotions.

Forget Golf: If You Want to Get in Good With C-Suiters, Sign Up for a Triathlon

Indeed, triathlons are fast becoming the new sport of C-level executives, said Chuck Menke, director-marketing and communications at USA Triathlon. “People are going from the boardroom to their bike or pool, instead of the golf course,” Mr. Menke said.

The Evolution of Google Is An Evolution of SEO & Content Marketing

…the upside is that a substantial increase in the diversity of content and media types indexed and linking to a company web site will provide the kind of advantage standard SEO no longer offers.

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