Your customers are your best source for content ideas

Running out of topics for your blog or Facebook page? Head over to your customer service department, where your customers are giving you new content ideas every day by calling and emailing questions and comments about your products and services.

The CS crew is better than Google Trends or any monitoring program when it comes to identifying what topics are important to your customers, right now. Ask any CS rep what the most frequently asked questions are and they will be able to fire off five without thinking twice. Write those down. Also, if one issue starts to trend about a new product or something seasonal you can be sure the customers that are calling and emailing aren’t the only ones with those questions.

Take the cue from the surge of customer interest and address the question or comment on your social media channels, with a detailed response, appropriate images, and information and quotes from the best qualified experts inside and outside of your company.  As well, publicly thanking the customer that asked the question is a nice way to show customer appreciation.

The topic-specific post has built-in SEO because you already know people are interested in the topic. 

Build a CS monthly or weekly report into your content system with a Top 10 or a CS Question of the Week category and you’ll have a timely and free new source for content ideas.

  • May 1

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