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Kendrick Lamar - i by TopDawgENT

The Ramones at Eric’s Club in Liverpool photographed by Ian Dickson, 1977

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Is MERCURYcsc, perhaps, the very last #icebucketchallenge? If we are, we’re ending it in slo-mo glory. 

(Companies) may be using platforms that are primarily used for social media (like Facebook) or platforms that are used for social media, among other things (like Twitter), but that doesn’t make the companies—or their media—social.

— Ev Williams, Medium

In the factory we make cosmetics; in the store we sell hope.

— Charles Revson, Revlon (via Grant McCracken)

(Recommended) Acoustic Wind and The Wave. Much more texture, richer than produced album - ‘With Your Two Hands (The Marfa Takes)’


WTF with Marc Maron Podcast - Episode 524 - Bob Mould

The early style of WTF with Marc Maron podcast series was too ‘Dear Diary…’ for my taste, but recently Maron has found his flow as a Gen X cultural documentarian. This Bob Mould interview is an awesome account from one of Gen X’s most influential musicians. Maron connects the dots in many of Mould’s stories through Maron’s personal experiences and passions, revealing an impressive depth of knowledge of the key cultural players during the period. Surprisingly, the new interview format reveals a lot more about Maron than his previous WTF bellybutton gazing. Perhaps the show should now be called ‘Holy Shit.’ 

The Hood Internet - Body Of Choice (Black Sheep x Parquet Courts) by hoodinternet

A cautious creative is an oxymoron.

— George Lois

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